Student Hosts

Mainstream students between 15 and 25 who want to be a buddy to an Honored Guest

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This is for mainstream students ages 15 – 25 who want to be a BUDDY to an Honored Guest with special needs.

Hosts that are age 18 or older WILL BE REQUIRED TO PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK. This form will be emailed to you and the fee paid by An Evening to Treasure.

You, as the Host, will be assigned to an Honored Guest the night of the prom. You will be assigned specifically to your Honored Guest based upon age, gender, and needs of the Honored Guest. You will be dedicated to your Guest for the duration of the evening. Your job is to be the Honored Guest’s friend, host, confidant, and encourager. All Hosts are required to provide and wear their own suit or tuxedo (boys) or dress (girls).

All Student Hosts are required to attend a Disability Training prior to the prom. Training is approximately 3 hours.